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WHY WE RISE and WE RISE are calls to action, asking you to join a movement to break through barriers and defy old assumptions about mental health care and the many related social conditions that compound problems and hurt our communities. Together we can fix it.

Forces in the world try to make us feel powerless, but things start to change when you stand up for what you believe in. Taking action about mental health can be as simple as getting help and asserting your own right to be well.

You can reach out to help someone else. Or join with others to fix things. It’s about showing up and being heard, working together to make things better. Taking action is how we build a better future — for ourselves and everyone else.

Here are five big things that could change mental health for the better:

What do you think?

What should we do?

We want to hear from you. What kinds of actions, events and ideas would you find transformative in your journey towards wellness and wellbeing? Share with us @WhyWeRise_LA #WhyWeRise